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In close partnership with a local turn-key design services company, MP Consulting, collectively we are able to provide services from building upon an initial product concept through the process of design, manufacturing and distribution.

Our collaborative approach allows our customers to feel comforted that the entire process has a detailed plan and execution from start to finish.

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01 Manufacturing 02 Warehousing 03 Fulfillment 04 Reverse Logistics / Returns Management 05 Refurbishment and Repair
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With several production lines, we can handle unit runs of 10s to 1000s with ease. Whether you need a small batch of prototypes or a full palletized production run, our team of experts can seamlessly execute any request.
BOX Builds
Wire Harnesses
Custom Fabrication
Warranty Repair
Skilled Workforce


We take pride in maintaining a clean, organized, and efficient warehousing environment to ensure the safety and quality of your electronic products.

Quality Control
Rental / Storage Space
Integrated Services
Safe Handling
Inventory Management
Scalable Solutions


We work closely with our customers to understand their unique order fulfillment needs and provide tailored solutions for each product’s specific requirements.

Personalized Service
Comprehensive Logistics
Efficient Packaging
Sustainable Processes
Supply Chain Integration

Returns Management

If you’re an engineering business with established distribution routes but need help with returns processing, AMC can bridge the gap. With years of experience and custom-built systems tailored to your specific needs, AMC can receive and inspect returned products, and even refurbish units as needed.

RMA Processing
Quality Inspection
Tailored Refurbishment
Customized Systems
Value Recapture
Responsive Support

Refurbishment and Repair

The AMC team has qualified technicians and engineering oversight management to refurbish and repair returned devices. Don’t let scrap get out of hand! We can save you money by repairing and shipping units per your established warranties.
Clean / Sanitize
Warranty Repair
Defect Analysis
Repack and Ship

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Our technicians can complete a range of build quantities from as little as 5 prototypes to as many as 1,000 pieces a month.
A Making Company specializes in assembling small-scale builds and prototypes, and offers services for reverse logistics and warehousing. MP Consulting is our sister entity and specializes in engineering design services ranging from firmware, electrical, mechanical, app development, ID, and program management. A Making Company and MP Consulting have two separate teams, however, work closely together to deliver the best product to their clients.
A Making Company is located in Lake Zurich, IL. Although we are located in the Chicago suburbs, we work with a range of clients throughout the United States.
A Making Company has previously worked on a large range of products in numerous verticals such as: Military, Sanitization, Automotive, and Medical. We are always open to new clients and exploring new verticals to further our knowledge and experience in the field.

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