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Reel Sense

Wirepulse is a trailblazer in the realm of industrial measurements, particularly when it comes to cable management. With their innovative sensor technology, they’re able to provide businesses with invaluable insights into their operations, helping them optimize efficiency and minimize waste. The sensor is undergoing its third revision, following two successful production runs, which is a testament to the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.

At AMC, we’re proud to partner with Wirepulse on various initiatives. We see enormous potential in the industrial sector for solutions that are environmentally friendly, efficient, and cost-effective. By working together, we believe that we can help transform the industry and drive real change.

To achieve our goals, MP Consulting is leading a turnkey design process to develop a customized solution that meets Wirepulse’s precise specifications. A Making Company has been contracted to provide high-volume manufacturing services, leveraging our advanced production capabilities to produce the sensor in large quantities.

Power & Energy Sector

Wirepulse is starting off by directly easing the burden of cable manufacturers from storing large reels

Complex Algorithms

From proprietary algorithms, to human factors analysis, the Wirepulse team has optimized the product for all scenarios.

Mechanical Engineering

An industrial sensor needs to be robust, agile, and built to withstand the toughest elements.

Providing Solutions From Start to Finish

Design and develop a customized sensor solution that meets Wirepulse's exact specifications, leveraging MP Consulting's turnkey design process.
Utilize A Making Company's advanced manufacturing capabilities to produce the sensor in high volumes, ensuring consistent quality and timely delivery.
Collaborate with Wirepulse to explore new innovative features and applications
Work closely with Wirepulse to test and refine the sensor through multiple iterations, ensuring that it meets the rigorous standards of the industrial sector.
Implement quality control processes throughout the production process, ensuring that each sensor meets the highest standards for accuracy and reliability.
Provide ongoing support and maintenance services for the sensors, helping our customers maximize their value and efficiency over time.

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